Bobby Baker

Bobby Baker is a woman, and an artist. She lives in London. In a career spanning nearly four decades she has, amongst other things, made a life-sized edible version of her family and driven around the streets of London strapped to the back of a truck yelling at passers by through a megaphone to ‘Pull Yourselves Together.’

Baker’s touring exhibition Diary Drawings: Mental Illness and Me 1997- 2008 premiered at the Wellcome Collection in 2009, and the accompanying book of the same name won the Mind Book of the Year 2011. Her most recent live show, Mad Gyms & Kitchens, was commissioned as part of the London 2012 Unlimited project for the Cultural Olympiad.

Baker is a past recipient of three separate Wellcome Arts Awards, and occupies a unique professional and personal position in the worlds of both the arts and mental health. Following an AHRC Creative Fellowship at Queen Mary University, London she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in 2011.

Bobby Baker is the Artistic Director of Daily Life Ltd, part of the Arts Council National Portfolio.
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Guardian audio slideshow  of the Diary Drawings, with commentary from Bobby.
Two 90 second Push Me films commissioned for the Space about live show Mad Gyms & Kitchens.