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Daily Life Ltd. was founded in 1995 to support the production and touring of Bobby Baker’s artworks. Baker makes art about everyday life that is highly innovative in how it’s made and where it’s shown – aiming to “create great art that reaches the parts other art doesn’t reach”.

Her work is in great demand, and focuses on undervalued and stigmatised aspects of everyday life and human behaviour, expressly undertaking to foreground the lives of women in the mainstream and bring status to so-called ‘humble’ daily activity.

Baker’s acclaimed 2009 Wellcome Trust Diary Drawing exhibition about her experience of mental illness and recovery launched her onto a worldwide platform of mental health and arts campaigners, connecting her with a growing network of organisations and gifted practitioners. Since this time, she has aimed to use her position to help promote this talent and foster opportunities for diverse marginalised artists.

Daily Life Ltd provides a rare model of artist leadership. Baker is a female artist with unparalleled track. Women of her talent and profile still lag significantly behind men in opportunity and parity of esteem. Daily Life Ltd. recognises Baker’s unique position as an older (aged 65+), female artist with experience of the mental health system and related arts provision.

DLL has a clear vision for 2018-22, to focus solely on production and presentation of Baker’s work with a major new commission, a mini retrospective in Madrid in 2019, touring her repertoire, and creation of a new digital platform and archive of her work.


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