Our Work

Founded in 1995 by artist Bobby Baker, Daily Life Ltd is an organisation that produces outstanding work across artistic disciplines. Our vision is to create great art that reaches places that art doesn’t usually reach. Our mission is to lead advocacy for change in the way people think about female artists and women’s art practice, including overcoming adversity and disadvantage, and celebrating age and experience.
Baker’s work focuses on undervalued and stigmatised aspects of everyday life and human behaviour, expressly undertaking to foreground the lives of women in the mainstream and bring status to everyday care, activity and labour.

Baker’s acclaimed 2009 Wellcome Trust Diary Drawing exhibition about her experience of mental illness and recovery launched her onto a worldwide arts and mental health platform, connecting her with a growing network of organisations and gifted practitioners. Since this time, she has aimed to use her position to help promote this talent and foster opportunities for diverse marginalised artists.

Daily Life Ltd provides a rare model of artist leadership. Baker is a senior female artist with unparalleled track record and profile, and an undervalued extensive ground roots influence on artists, women, people experiencing mental distress, especially younger people. Women of her talent and profile still lag significantly behind men in opportunity and parity of esteem, Daily Life Ltd recognises Baker’s unique position as an older (aged 65+), disabled female artist with experience of the mental health system and related arts provision.

“EPIC DOMESTIC is my plan to create a Domestic Revolutionary Party fit for the Twenty First Century.

I am the leader of this EPIC Party but am looking for other highly skilled domestic experts to join in this important artistic crusade.

My aim is that we will take to the streets wearing exquisite, strange yet utilitarian outfits to campaign for a New World where we are finally rewarded for our grossly undervalued domestic labour.”

 Bobby Baker, February 2019

If you would like to be involved in EPIC DOMESTIC, please contact us at info@dailylifeltd.co.uk