A Model Family Pilot


Bobby Baker and her team created a temporary ‘Big Brother’ style building for one day, complete with one-way mirrors giving those outside the chance to spy on the occupants. Inside, Bobby and Siân Stevenson acted out a scenario consisting of two elderly sisters arguing in a National Trust gift shop in Northumbria.

Throughout the day, Bobby’s team of researchers solicited suggestions from visitors about how the women might resolve this habitual arguing. Whether offering some friendly advice, a professional opinion of the right course of action or just being nosey, all suggestions and comments were gratefully received. These then informed and changed the course of the performance over the day.

There was also the opportunity to share stories of familial conflict and how people resolved them (or didn’t!) in our very own Diary Van.

A Model Family Pilot is an outcome of Bobby’s AHRC Creative Fellowship at Queen Mary, University of London and was funded by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award.
Watch the documentary, filmed by Tomas Leach: