Letting in the Light


LETTING IN THE LIGHT was Daily Life Ltd.’s second light box installation and was installed on The Grove, Stratford, London.

It ran from 25th January to 24th March 2016.

For this exhibition, we collaborated with Bethlem Gallery and Outside In. The work exhibited was a response to an open call to artists with personal experience of mental distress. Thirty-five artists were selected to take part from the one hundred and fifty who submitted work.


The subject for this exhibition was how art can illuminate our understanding of the experience of mental distress, with the title making reference to Groucho Marx’ great quote: ‘Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light’

The selected works were intended to lighten up the lives of passers-by in Stratford with wit, beauty, insight and artistry during the dark, damp winter months.