Reviews and comments

Disability Arts Online

14th March 2013

“As you come into Bobby Baker’s Mad Gyms and Kitchens you see those little signs on the left of some seats: Reserved. As this piece goes on you realise there is nothing Reserved about Bobby Baker.” Read More > 


Audience comments from the Black Country tour, February- March 2012:

“Bobby is so inspirational…it felt like she was talking to me”

“Bobby is naturally humorous – warm and witty”

“I liked the thought of seeing things your own way”

“Inspirational. Enforced the need to be treated as an individual.”

See the Scrapbook of Top Tips for wending your way to wellness, produced by our audiences in response to Bobby’s performance…


The Guardian

12 October 2011

“You leave feeling better than you came in, aware as you walk down the road whistling that what Baker is offering is not a show but a priceless gift wrapped in a theatrical box of tricks.” Read more >


Total Theatre Review

15 October 2011

“Bobby is adept at bringing a sense of the unpredictable to what is questionably a fixed form… we are all together in this performative and living journey; as a collective, we wend our way together with Bobby our glorious leader, finding what we need to do it for ourselves.” Read more>


Artist’s blog: Tamar Whyte

2 March 2012

“After a detour into other artforms for artistic inspiration, I finally attended an event that was not only ‘Fine Art’, but one directly relevant to my own practice…” Read more>


The Journal – North East news, Newcastle Tyne & Wear

28 May 2012

“She’s a force of nature, Bobby Baker. Enter her for the Olympics, I say. How could she not get a gold medal with five legs?

It turns out, as I find during a brief but hectic chat in a Newcastle cafe, that there’s a precedent in her family for presenting a quirky face to the world.”  Read more>