Tarros De Chutney


Photograph © Manuel Blanco/La Casa Encendida. 2019

Visitors to La Casa Encendida, a stellar cultural centre in Madrid, were introduced to artist Bobby Baker’s extraordinary universe in a brand new retrospective.

The exhibition Tarros de Chutney opened on February 22nd and ran to April 21st 2019.

The exhibition provided an insight into the richness and relevance of Baker’s body of work and featured early paintings, sketch books, story boards and prints including the acclaimed Diary Drawings.

For the first time a collection of ‘Timed Drawings’, made by Baker in 1984 when her children were small, will be shown alongside a video produced especially for the exhibition by curator Clara Zarza.

As well as a performance of Drawing on a (Grand) Mothers Experience the exhibition launched a commission for Baker’s current project in development EPIC DOMESTIC.

Read more about the exhibition on the La Casa Encendida website.