The Expert View lightbox installation


THE EXPERT VIEW was Daily Life Ltd’s first public lightbox installation, held in Dalston Square, Hackney, London.

It ran from 24th October through to 16th December 2014.

The exhibition offered a personal reflection on mental health and expertise by people in East London – psychiatrists, psychologists, support workers, doctors, nurses and a wealth of individuals with personal experience of mental distress.

Work by Bobby Baker was featured, alongside that of people who participated in a series of drawing workshops held over the summer of 2014. These workshops were led by artist, Jake Spicer, and reflected on the theme of expertise in relation to experiences of art, daily life and mental health. Works selected were by participants with personal experience of mental distress, professionals working in mental health and related services, and those who identified with both.

Who’s the expert? Who’s to say.

Nik BB oct 14 Dalston_Alice best_3

Nik BB oct 14 Dalston_Alice best_11